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Jin Young is a California board licensed acupuncturist, a certified radiologic technologist of  CRT, ARRT(R)(MR), ARDMS(AB).


Jin Young focuses on integration of eastern and western medicine which is based on his experience in a field of  medical imaging such as radiography, CT(computed tomography), MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) and Sonography.


Medical Imaging (Radiology)

Medical imaging is the technique, process and art of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention.


Pain Management

Treatment targets pain and sensory nerves to limit or eliminate painful sensation.




Jin Young Lee L.Ac.


Licensed acupuncturist in California 



Certifications & Licenses


Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

NCCAOM OM cerfitication 

California Licensed Acupuncturist 

California Acupuncture Board

California Radiologic Technologist

California Department of Health RHT 

Registered Radiologic Technologist

ARRT registered R.T. (R)(MR)(ARRT)

Certified Sonographer




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